National Plus          

Constitutions, Standing Orders, Health & Safety Policies & other Administration Items

The Constitutions and the Standing Orders are the rules and regulations of Plus.
National Constitution (November 2013) / National Constitution 2019 (Draft)
National Standing Orders (November 2013) / National Standing Orders 2019 (Draft)
Model Area Constitution (November 2013) / Model Area Constitution 2019 (Draft)
Standard Group Constitution (November 2013) / Standard Group Constitution 2019 (Draft)
Area Standing Orders (April 2006)
Other Administration Items
Insurance Policy Schedule2015 (PDF)

National Accounts 2011 (PDF)

Business Plan 2010 -2015 (PDF)

Safety Policies and Procedures (PDF)

National Code Of Conduct (May 2007) (PDF) - not ratified

Equalities Statement (May 2007) (PDF) - not ratified

National Officers General Expenses Form (PDF)

National Officer Travel Expenses Form (PDF)

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